A Curated Halloween Collection on Witches, Devils, Snakes & Death

Fall was full of dark delights. Come read these twisted tales.

A witch on Halloween casts a deadly spell with magic lights in her hands. She lures you in for tales of death, snakes, Covid, Coronavirus, Covid-19. Read these spooky stories now.
Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


Looking back on my fall musings, there was definitely a dark and creepy vibe. On the very first day of Autumn, the Fall Equinox, I found a full…



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Brooke Kochel RN

Brooke Kochel RN


Mama, Midwife, Shamanista: Just a gypsy soul learning to grow roots. Featured & Tweeted by Medium. Words in Better Humans, An Injustice & The Pink.