A Curated Halloween Collection on Witches, Devils, Snakes & Death

Fall was full of dark delights. Come read these twisted tales.

Brooke Kochel RN
4 min readOct 31, 2021
A witch on Halloween casts a deadly spell with magic lights in her hands. She lures you in for tales of death, snakes, Covid, Coronavirus, Covid-19. Read these spooky stories now.
Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


Looking back on my fall musings, there was definitely a dark and creepy vibe. On the very first day of Autumn, the Fall Equinox, I found a full snakeskin and knew a story was there. I used to be a big city girl, living in Orlando, Dallas, Boston, and Los Angeles. But when I married, my husband and I lived on his Arkansas farm and I discovered nature with all the wonderment of a small child. Having toddlers, nature became our playground and I began to collect bones and feathers, butterfly wings and snakeskins. Oddly, no one who read this story commented on the creepy drawer full of snakeskins I pictured. Read on for some practical life lessons on shedding the old to make room for the new this season.


The creepiness continued at my house when I discovered by our creek: two braids, a dollar, and an egg which had the words New Beginnings written on it. From my time studying midwifery and female folklore, I solved the mystery and concluded a witch had gotten married on our land. What an honor! Read the full story now as we celebrate the unofficial Day of the Witch! A Haiku to celebrate their big day follows.




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