Divine Feminine, Divine Curse

A pregnant woman doing prenatal yoga, concerned about weight gain in pregnancy.
“With” Photo by Brooke Kochel RN

Cow Pose

My full breasts throbbed as I lay flat on my stomach for the first time in nine months. Facedown, I readied myself for Upward Facing Dog. Although with milk seeping through my shirt, I felt more like a cow. In more ways than one, I felt like a cow.


Frontline Stories & Vaccination Probs

A mad nurse with an angel’s halo because her patient was unvaccinated for Covid/Coronavirus. She’s exposed to Covid-19, now in quarantine. A simple vaccine could have prevented this.
Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

So close, yet so far away

Why after two years and three vaccinations would I be in this temperature taking purgatory; this laughable limbo? But here am I.

But why, you ask, after being thrice vaxxed do I find myself in this precarious situation? Funny you should ask. While now I’m grounded, I did nothing wrong…

Curation and Beyond

Medium’s Twitter account boasts 2.2 Million followers. While only following 338 accounts, Brooke Kochel RN is one of the chosen few.
Screenshot of Medium’s Twitter account & its 2.2M followers. By Brooke Kochel RN.

10 days til distribution or bust

I’m new to Medium, but I’ve managed to gain nearly 1,000 followers in my first two months. It’s not much but I feel accomplished. It took me a whole month to get noticed by the Curation Gods. They took notice and distributed my article in An Injustice called “A COVID…

Culture & Religion

A young girl in an angel costume says a prayer before trick-or-treating during Satanic Panic in the ’80s. How fundamentalists Christians do Halloween.
Dressed as an angel, I showed the Devil who’s boss. Courtesy of author. Jonesboro, Arkansas. Oct 31, 1988

God loves you, and candy too

On a crisp October night, I nervously picked at my tinsel belt and adjusted my silver halo. We rang the doorbell at an unsuspecting house. “Remember what to say?” my mom coached us from a few paces back. A couple of angels and shepherd boys crowded under the stoop of…

Halloween Haiku

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

her black heart glowed red

ceremony of past times

binds together now

The prose behind the poetry

As a midwife, I’ve been steeped in the tradition of female folklore. So when I found a collection of items by the creek that runs by my house, I knew what it was: True Love. Two braids of hair had been cut and now lay on the ground beside the running water. Beside them, a dollar bill. And most telling was an egg which had written upon it, “New Beginnings.”

This could only mean one thing: A witch got hitched.

Immerse yourself in this Halloween nonfiction tale by Brooke Kochel RN:

Poetry inspired by COVID-19

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

may you never see

your loved one gasping for air

last breath, we held hands

The prose behind the poetry

This poem was inspired by the story “May You Never Know the Pain I’ve Witnessed as a Covid Nurse.” It started out as a viral Facebook post. I was watching tragedies unfold in real-time at…

Frontline Stories

A woman clasps her hands in prayer. Silver rings adorn her fingers.
Photo by Michael Heuss on Unsplash

A dire blessing

My prayer for you, my dear friend, is simply this:

May you never be the voice on the phone I’m holding to their ear, saying one last goodbye over Facetime.

May it never be your young healthy friend getting turned over prone on a ventilator in a desperate attempt to…

Brooke Kochel RN

Mama, Midwife, Shamanista: Just a gypsy soul learning to grow roots. Featured & Tweeted by Medium. Words in Better Humans, An Injustice & The Pink.

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